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The Submarine: Conventional And Nuclear, 1971

Published 1971

2 different silent color Navy films

NPC 47178 The Submarine: Conventional and Nuclear, 1971
"This film shows the nuclear attack submarine the USS Sturgeon (SSN-637) as it surfaced, traveled through calm water, and re-submerged. The submarine's periscope can be seen in operation, and a lighthouse on a small, rocky island is shown in the background."
National Archives Identifier: 2630915

NPC 47188 The Submarine: Conventional and Nuclear, 1971
"This film shows the Balao-class conventional submarine the USS Bang (SS-385) as it traveled on the surface of an open sea. The submarine's periscope is seen in operation, and a submarine missile (SUBROC) is shown as it was lowered and loaded into a torpedo tube. Additionally, the vessel's Chief Petty Officer and other personnel are shown as they examined navigational information and worked at a chart table."
National Archives Identifier: 2635595
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Producer United States. Navy
Audio/Visual silent, color
Language English


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